Who does Cedric drive for? (2023)

What car is Austin Cindric driving?

Austin Cindric currently drives the No. 2 Team Penske Ford in the NASCAR Cup Series. Cindric made the jump to Cup in 2022. In his first regular-season outing with the organization, he won the Daytona 500, doubling as his first premier series victory.

Who does Timmy Hill Drive for?

Timmy Hill competes in the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series driving for his own team, Hill Motorsports. He owns over 400 starts across NASCAR's top-3 divisions. Hill began his career in NASCAR back in the 2011 Xfinity Series, winning Rookie of the Year honors.

Who does Haley drive for?

Justin Haley will return to the NASCAR Cup Series full-time with Kaulig Racing in 2023, driving the No. 31 Chevrolet. He previously was a full-time competitor in the NASCAR Xfinity Series, driving the No. 11 Chevrolet for Kaulig Racing. He has four Xfinity Series wins -- all on superspeedways.

Is Austin Cindric related to Penske?

“Damn, I am so excited, this makes up for losing the championship in the last race I did,” said Cindric, who is the son of longtime Team Penske president Tim Cindric and began racing in NASCAR full time only in 2018 after once seemingly headed toward a sports car career (he was the lone Cup driver in this year's Rolex ...

What car does Kyle Busch have?

Kyle Thomas Busch or "Rowdy Busch" is an American professional stock car racing driver and team owner. As of 2023, Busch drive full-time in the No. 8 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 for Richard Childress Racing in the NASCAR Cup Series and part-time in the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series, driving the No.

What car does Kyle Busch drive now?

Richard Childress Racing unveiled a new-look No. 8 Chevrolet which veteran Kyle Busch will pilot beginning in the 2023 NASCAR Cup Series season. RCR introduced a new stylized No. 8 that will adorn the two-time Cup Series champion's Chevrolets in 2023.

Who does Dillon drive for?

Dillon, 30, will join Spire Motorsports after spending the 2022 season in the No. 42 Chevrolet of Petty GMS Racing.

Who does Esteban drive for?

Esteban Ocon (born 17 September 1996 in Émalleville, Eure, Upper Normandy, France) is a French racing driver who drove for Force India in the 2017 and 2018 Formula One seasons, served as a test driver for Mercedes in 2019, Renault in 2020, and currently drives for Alpine in 2022.

Who does Justin Allgaier drive?

7 Chevrolet. Allgaier earned his 19th career Xfinity Series win at New Hampshire Motor Speedway in 2022. He reached the Championship 4 in 2020 by winning three times during the season. He has not finished lower than seventh in points in any of his 12 full-time Xfinity seasons.

Who does Brett Griffin spot for?

Now, he's seen as one of the most informative people in the garage, returning to the spotter's stand with Kaulig Racing, while also developing his own firm. Brett Griffin is a Nascar Cup Series and Xfinity Series spotter for Kaulig Racing.

Does Haley get pregnant in Season 4?

In season 4, while they are still in high school, Haley and Nathan, discover they are expecting a baby, a boy, that they decide to name : James Lucas (affectionately called : Jamie). In the eighth season, Haley and Nathan will welcome their second child, a girl : Lydia Bob.

Who owns the number 31 cup car?

Justin Haley - NASCAR driver Cup Car No. 31.

Who is Lightning McQueen based on in NASCAR?

Apparently, the animators at Pixar drew influences from many sources to create McQueen's final design. However, the two major car models he is based on are – the Chevrolet Corvette C1 (produced between 1953-1962) and the Chevrolet Corvette C6 (produced between 2004-2013).

Who does Michael Jordan own in NASCAR?

It is owned and operated by Hall of Fame basketball player Michael Jordan, with current Joe Gibbs Racing driver Denny Hamlin as a minority partner. The organization fields the No. 23, 45 and 67 Toyota teams for drivers Bubba Wallace, Tyler Reddick, and Travis Pastrana. They currently have a technical alliance with JGR.

Who is Brad Keselowski new sponsor?

Castrol renews sponsorship of Brad Keselowski, Chris Buescher at RFK Racing – Jayski's NASCAR Silly Season Site. Castrol will sponsor Brad Keselowski in 8 races in 2023.

What kind of car does Chase Elliott drive?

William Clyde "Chase" Elliott II (born November 28, 1995) is an American professional stock car racing driver. He competes full-time in the NASCAR Cup Series, driving the No. 9 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 for Hendrick Motorsports, and part-time in the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series, driving the No.

What team will Kyle Busch drive for in 2023?

8 team in 2023, Richard Childress Racing announced Thursday morning. Kyle Busch takes over the No. 8 in 2023 after spending the past 15 seasons at Joe Gibbs Racing.

Who will sponsor Kyle Busch 2023?

8 Chevrolet in the NASCAR Cup Series. WELCOME, N.C. (January 16, 2023) – Netspend, a leading provider of payments and financial solutions for consumers and businesses, will sponsor Kyle Busch and the No. 8 team beginning in 2023, Richard Childress Racing announced today.

Who is driving for Joe Gibbs in 2023?

(Feb. 8, 2023) – Joe Gibbs Racing (JGR) announced Wednesday that Myatt Snider will pilot the NASCAR Xfinity Series (NXS) No. 19 Toyota GR Supra for six races in 2023.

Who will drive the 18 car in 2023?

Now Joe Gibbs Racing have confirmed the first driver in their NASCAR Xfinity Series lineup for the 2023 season. Sammy Smith, who competed for the team behind the wheel of the No. 18 Toyota, also known as the “star car”, in nine races during the 33-race 2022 season is set to drive the No. 18 Toyota full-time in 2023.

What kind of car is Kurt Busch driving?

Kurt Thomas Busch (born August 4, 1978) is an American professional auto racing driver. He last competed full-time in the NASCAR Cup Series in 2022, driving the No. 45 Toyota Camry TRD for 23XI Racing. He is the 2004 NASCAR Cup Series champion and the 2017 Daytona 500 winner.

Who does Ty Gibbs drive for?

Ty Gibbs will race full-time in the No. 54 Joe Gibbs Racing Toyota in the NASCAR Cup Series in 2023. He continued his career momentum with seven wins in 2022, claiming the Xfinity Series championship in his first full-time season.

What does Austin Dillon's wife do?

She is co-owner of a jewelry company called Shop The WM. Whitney and Mariel also support women through their Women's Movement called Girls Tour. Last but not least, she married to NASCAR driver, Austin Dillon.

Are Austin and Ty Dillon twins?

He is the younger brother of fellow NASCAR driver Austin Dillon, who drives RCR's No. 3 Cup Series car full-time. His father is RCR general manager Mike Dillon, who is a retired NASCAR driver.

What car Will Austin Cindric drive in 2022?

The tradition will extend to the 2022 season with Cindric driving the Keystone Light Ford Mustang. “Becoming the driver of the iconic No. 2 in the Cup Series has helped me develop an even deeper appreciation for the rich history of the car and the team,” said Cindric, the 2020 NASCAR Xfinity Series (NXS) Champion.

What car is Austin Cindric driving in the Daytona 500?

(March 8, 2022) – An exclamation point was placed on the 2022 DAYTONA 500 Tuesday when the Austin Cindric's authentic race-winning Team Penske Ford was placed inside the Motorsports Hall of Fame of America, where it belongs, until next year's DAYTONA 500.

What car is Austin Cindric driving next year?

Defending Xfinity Series champion Austin Cindric will drive Team Penske's No. 2 Ford in the NASCAR Cup Series in 2022, the organization announced Thursday, July 15.

Who is driving the Kohler car in Daytona 500?

Brad Keselowski is the owner-driver of the No. 6 Kohler Generators Ford. Once one of Cup racing's top teams, the Roush organization has been struggling for years. The team has won only twice since 2015, and those wins were scored by one driver—Ricky Stenhouse Jr.

Who will take over for Roger Penske?

For the first time since 2011, a new driver will take the reigns of the No. 2 Team Penske Ford Mustang. Austin Cindric, the 2020 NASCAR Xfinity Series champion, will compete in his first full Cup Series season in 2022 after making seven productive NCS starts for Team Penske last season.

Who is replacing Brad Keselowski in 2022?

Austin Cindric replacing Brad Keselowski at Team Penske in 2022 while Harrison Burton moves to Wood Brothers.

Who will drive for the Wood Brothers in 2022?

Harrison Burton will replace Matt DiBenedetto at Wood Brothers Racing in 2022 and drive the No. 21 car full-time in the NASCAR Cup Series, the team announced Thursday.

What car does Trevor Bayne drive?

Trevor Bayne returned to NASCAR in the Xfinity Series this season as a part-time driver for Joe Gibbs Racing, piloting the #18 Toyota. Downsizing from four cars to three, Joe Gibbs Racing elected to take the #18 Toyota and make it their “star car” with different drivers filling the seat on a weekly basis.

What is Bubba Wallace's car?

23 Toyota Camry

Who owns Austin Cindric race car?

Austin Cindric 'regifts' Daytona 500 win to team owner Roger Penske on his 85th birthday - Auto Racing Digest.


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