How do I turn off SAP on my Samsung television? (2023)

How do you turn off SAP on Samsung TV?

To turn off SAP, simply navigate to Settings>>General>>Accessibility>>Video Description and turn it off to switch off SAP. On older models, it is labeled as SAP and not Video Description.

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How do I turn off the SAP feature on my TV?

Some models provide an MTS, SAP, or AUDIO button on the supplied remote control.
To Turn It On or Off
  1. Generally, the SAP setting is in the Settings menu under Audio or Closed Caption.
  2. Consult the instruction manual of the TV for model-specific information about the operation of the SAP feature.

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How do I turn off assisted speech on my Samsung TV?

To disable the Voice Guide function, follow the steps below.
  1. Navigate to Home > Menu > Settings > All Settings.
  2. Go to General & Privacy > Accessibility.
  3. Select Voice Guide Settings and disable Voice Guide.
May 26, 2022

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How do I enable SAP on my Samsung TV?

Passport Guide
  1. Press the Menu button twice on your remote control to view the Quick Settings menu.
  2. Use the arrow buttons to highlight Play Secondary Audio.
  3. Press OK/Select to change the setting to Yes to turn on SAP.

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How do I get rid of sound in SAP?

How to turn off system sound in SAP, SAPGUI
  1. Click on the Customize Local Layout button on the far right side of the SAPGUI toolbar. You can also press Alt+F12.
  2. Go to Options and then click Interaction Design.
  3. Under Interaction Design, select Sound Settings.
  4. Uncheck Activate audio signal.
  5. Click Apply and OK.
Apr 25, 2016

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Does Samsung have SAP?

A better service strategically collaborated with SAP

Samsung SDS is strategically working with SAP as a platinum partner, the one of Top 11 SAP customers and partners from the total of 370,000 customers.

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What is the SAP button on a TV remote?

“SAP” stands for “Secondary Audio Program”. It is an alternative audio channel embedded within a broadcast signal that caters to special needs groups such as the visually impaired or Spanish speaking viewers. It is sometimes referred to as “MTS”, which stands for “Multichannel Television Sound”.

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How do I turn off audio description on my TV?

To turn off audio descriptions on your TV you'll need to:
  1. Press MENU on your remote control.
  2. Using the arrows on the remote scroll down to SOUND.
  3. Navigate to AUDIO DESCRIPTION.
  5. Select STANDARD (this will switch off audio descriptions)

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Can you turn off smart TV functions?

Press the Home button on the remote, then go to Settings. Scroll down to Privacy. Select Smart TV experience. Uncheck Use Info from TV Inputs.

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How do I turn off voice to speech on my Samsung?

Using Google ™ Keyboard/Gboard
  1. From a Home screen, navigate: Apps icon. Settings. then tap "Language & input" or "Language & keyboard". ...
  2. From the On-screen keyboard, tap. Google Keyboard/Gboard. . ...
  3. Tap. Preferences. .
  4. Tap the. Voice input key switch. to turn on or off .

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Why can't I turn off audio description on Samsung TV?

Voice Guide is an accessibility function to assist users who are blind or have low vision. To turn off Voice Guide, navigate to Home > Settings (All Settings) > General (General & Privacy) > Accessibility > Voice Guide Settings > Voice Guide.

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Why is my Samsung TV narrating everything?

Voice Guide is a voice assistant feature for Samsung smart TVs which works like VoiceOver on Mac or Narrator on Xbox. It's a type of screen reader, or narrator, that automatically reads text on the screen, like menu options and descriptions of movies and TV shows.

How do I turn off SAP on my Samsung television? (2023)
What does SAP mean on TV settings?

Second audio program (SAP), also known as secondary audio programming, is an auxiliary audio channel for analog television that can be broadcast or transmitted both over-the-air and by cable television.

Why is my Samsung TV talking in Spanish?

Navigate to the “Audio Option” and select either “Mono” or “Stereo.” Hover over the options and select digital language making sure the selected TV channel is set to English.

Where is SAP on Samsung TV?

From the Home screen, use the TV remote to navigate to and select Settings. Select General, and then select Accessibility. Select Video Description to turn it on.

How do I reset my SAP settings?

  1. In the portal, navigate to System Administration System Configuration Portal Display Device Group Manager .
  2. In the Device Group Manager, choose Restore Default.
  3. In the displayed message box, choose Restore. The device groups are restored to their default settings. Note.

How do I change my SAP settings?

Changing your SAP Theme
  1. From the SAP Logon Pad, click the main menu icon.
  2. Select Options.
  3. Click the arrow to the left of the Visual Design folder to expand the selection.
  4. Select Theme Settings.
  5. In the Select Theme field, use the drop down to select your theme. TIPS: ...
  6. Click the Apply button.
  7. Click the OK button. TIPS:
Aug 9, 2022

How do you turn off the narrator on your TV?

Use the arrow buttons on the remote control to navigate the “System” option and press “Enter.” Navigate with the arrow buttons to “Accessibility” and activate it by pressing “Enter.” Find the “Narration” or “Audio Guidance” or “Audio Description” feature and set it to “OFF.” Press the “Exit” button to save changes.

How do I get my TV out of Spanish mode?

  1. Press the Menu button on your remote.
  2. Select the House icon on the Quick Menu at the bottom.
  3. In the Main Menu, navigate down to Setup and select it.
  4. Select Audio Setup.
  5. Change Default Audio Track to English.
  6. Press Exit on your remote to return to live TV.
Sep 18, 2019

Why does my TV keep speaking Spanish?

You may be hearing the Secondary Audio Program (SAP) available on most TVs with stereophonic sound systems. You can turn this off with the selector labeled SAP, MTS, Audio 2, or Audio B on your TV panel, remote-control device, or on-screen menu.

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